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HEALTH AIR Technology GmbH has specialised in the development, production and sale of the unique high-tech air cleaning systems known as NANODRON® The company’s head office, as well as the R&D and production divisions, are located in Pforzheim, Germany.

Our mission

Providing clean, healthy air for you to breathe is our prime concern. Thus our aim is the continuous development of innovative, individually tailored solutions for the purification and disinfection of indoor air, in order to actively contribute to enhancing your quality of life and your wellbeing.

15 Years of Success Made in Germany

Once again, quality and reliability made in Germany has proved its worth: for more than 15 years now the NANODRON® air cleaning system has been successfully used in 10 different countries worldwide. The key to our sustained success is our team of experts, who are leaders in their field with specialist competence, comprehensive experience and well-founded technical know-how.

Our Distinguishing Features: Superior quality; a high degree of competence; innovative, environmentally friendly technologies; scientific know-how; continuous research and development; reliability; long term customer service – and long term customer satisfaction

Our Services

In addition to the production of NANODRON® air purification systems, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. These include competent advice, technical support, installation, maintenance and repair, delivery of spare parts, cleaning and filter replacement.

Our International Sales and Service Network

Over the last 12 years we have built up a comprehensive international network of sales partners and service centres, in order to ensure that the accustomed HEALTH AIR Technology quality standards and technical specifications are maintained consistently worldwide. Yet another reason for our excellent reputation as innovators and quality leaders.

Air Cleaning

Health Air Technology

NANODRON® AIR CLEAN: made in Germany

NANODRON® AIR-CLEAN systems represent a new generation of high-tech indoor air cleaning devices that combine traditional German quality and innovative ecological technologies based on scientific research and designed for your health protection. These devices are intended for use in premises of various types.

Progressive ideas and unique engineering solutions realised in the NANODRON® AIR-CLEAN product line, successfully combine operational effectiveness with the highest requirements for design and workspace economy. Over the past 15 years, these superior quality devices are the most progressive and reliable solution for air cleaning systems, represented in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Enjoy the benefits of healthy clean air NANODRON®

Like ecologically pure outdoor air, purified and ionised indoor air has a beneficial effect on human health and helps to relieve breathing problems, stabilize the central nervous system, normalize metabolic processes and blood pressure; it also increases immunity, prevents and cures a wide range of diseases, alleviates respiratory disorders and allergies, reduces excessive fatigue, insomnia and relieves stress.


NANODRON® AIR-CLEAN: functional characteristics


Innovative ecological technologies:

Optimal structure and design: effective combination of air flows, evenness of indoor climate, usability, simple maintenance, compact size, unique design patterns;

Four-level mode of operation;

Minimum energy consumption at every operating level of air-purifiers (automatic regulation depending on air pollution grade);

Compliance with the highest requirements of European and international quality standards is manifested in a high efficiency, long service life, reliability, safety, low noise level;

Additional options on demand: individual design patterns and more