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The 3D Classroom

We call it The 3D Classroom. The 3D Classroom simplifies complicated things. Navigating freely in space, using interactive 3D, pupils can learn about concepts that previously were difficult to convey.

Why it works

Passion, curiosity, patience and involvement. These are just a few of the qualities that are evoked in pupils when they experience The 3D Classroom. Interactive 3D visualisation makes anything possible. The 3D Classroom brings your teaching methods to levels that were previously impossible to attain.


Revolutionizing Education

The 3D Classroom is a software application used together with the skill of the educator to revolutionize education and learning!

3D Classroom Area
3D Classroom Methods

We ensure quality

With our teachers, professors and researchers, we have created a unique and world-leading educational product. The close collaboration we have established with our partners and customers ensures a product of the highest quality. Nothing is left to chance.

It consists of interactive and realistic visualisations – all of which are aimed at facilitating the understanding of complex and abstract concepts.

Our process: Feedback from our users

We have a continuous dialogue with our customers and they are all able to give us feedback on what they want us to produce for future releases of The 3D Classroom. This process and dialogue ensures that we produce what is most relevant and most needed in schools all over the World.

The right teaching methods, with your help

When we produce content, we involve several schools in the educational process. In collaborating with these schools, we are able to create a comprehensive product and, if necessary, we consult with other experts as well. Simplifies complicated things. Navigating freely in space, using interactive 3D, pupils can learn about concepts that previously were difficult to convey.

How it works

3D Classroom How It works
3D Classroom How It works

The 3D Classroom is a software application that brings your teaching method to the next level. The 3D classroom is a teaching aid that enables you to easily visualize areas that can otherwise be too abstract for pupils to understand. It is important to understand that Sensavis does not produce film; instead, educators, with their expertise in a particular subject, choose how to present the material to the pupils. You, the teacher, decide in real time how you present a certain topic, say a heart, and you decide in real time how close you need to zoom in to show how the heart functions.

The idea is to be able to go from a high level of abstraction to a low level (from macro to micro) without having to skip a stage where pupils risk losing comprehension. This means that you have a teaching aid that does not limit how you present something, you use the product to explain exactly what you intend to, in the way that you need.

This teaching aid is in 3D, which reinforces the experience and increases interest while the product’s most important feature is its interactivity and the high degree of realism within the visualized material.


A unique experience brings successful learning

The 3D Classroom is the tool for interactive teaching that brings students on a virtual journey. The user (educator) is free to control the content. Zooming in, turning, exploring micro or macro views, changing the speed are just a few examples of what the educator can do. Thanks to this control, it is easy to tailor the content, and therefore the information in different situations. The 3D Classroom is equally at home in K-12 schools as well as universities. You are in control.

Our virtual world enables the student to explore the human body, from macro to micro level, from the outside in. The 3D classroom helps teachers explain concepts visually, which makes it easier for pupils or patients to grasp difficult contexts and mechanisms.

The Mathematics module help students to understand some of the abstract connections that we find in mathematics. A good understanding of mathematics is essential to develop one’s skills and is the foundation for developing abilities in science, technology and economics. Our tools help teachers visualize concepts, thereby significantly improving students’ understanding.

What do our customers say?

Quick training!

“I learned more in half an hour in front of The 3D Classroom than I did throughout my entire education”

Comment Corner

Margareta Dahlbom

Special Education teacher, Solhemskolan in Spånga

Improved concentration!

“The concentration and interest of pupils improve. They get to see how it really works. What was previously abstract is now easy to understand.”

Comment Corner

Anna-Lena Svensson

Teacher, Långsele skola

Understanding complex situations!

“I have been using The 3D Classroom for almost two terms now, and the pupils are still learning more and are finding it easier to grasp complex situations, it is not just a novelty any more”

Comment Corner

Heikki Sneck

biology teacher, Högalidsskolan

When pupils choose!

“When pupils come up to us and thank us for introducing a new teaching aid, you know it’s good”

Comment Corner

Tomas Jonasson

Teacher, Kyrkbacksskolan in Ljusnarsberg

Pupils grasp it earlier!

“We are now able to show the function and structure of the heart in a clear fashion that enables pupils to comprehend it more quickly.”

Comment Corner

Peter Blomkvist

Maths/Science teacher, Stöde skola, Sundsvall municipality

Much better than film!

“Even though there are excellent films about complex areas, The 3D Classroom doesn’t steal my voice and I remain the director of events”

Comment Corner

Heikki Sneck

biology teacher, Högalidsskolan

The best I have seen!

“In a recent meeting with Sensavis, I had the opportunity to explore their products. I found myself nothing short of stunned. I have seen everything in terms of 3D educational products on the market, and this is by far the best I have encountered.”

Comment Corner

Len Scrogan

Digital Learning Architect, University of Colorado, Denver

Heart function!

“We had dissected a heart a week earlier, and then they got to see the heart in The 3D Classroom and said: ”Oh, I see. Is that how it works?”

Comment Corner

Enna Martinez

Ehrensvärdska gymnasiet, Karlskrona