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Success in business depends not only on a deliberate plan, productive work, successful promotion of services and sale of goods, but also from reliable partners. Elmetia Group Company appreciates and protects its partners, because we understand that our partners are the key to achievement of common success.

Our partners can guarantee power, efficiency, reliability and confidence in the future. Elmetia Group takes care of its partners. In our understanding, “success” means “reliable partners” and we are proud of every one of our allies.

Partners of Elmetia Group Company – the way to common success!
Valley Road Capital Logo


Valley Road Capital

ValleyRoad Capital is a Swiss-based advisory firm which provides solutions to entrepreneurs’, families, investors’, and companies’ unaddressed complex PRIVATE EQUITY and CORPORATE FINANCE issues. Acknowledging the need for highly personalised advice and hands-on execution capability, ValleyRoad Capital’s team of experienced professionals provides a specialised range of services that ideally complement traditional banking offerings.

Investment Partnership
Investment Partnership



Advisory Services

Private equity portfolio analysis and reporting

Proxy representation for general assembly

Follow-on rounds due-diligence

Investment services

Flexible private equity allocation proposals

Extended private equity investment proposals

Creation and management of customized

Private Merger & Acquisition

Transmission with discretion and creativity

Turn-around with experienced top management consultants

Merger & acquisition