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About Us

Continuous development, commitment, focuses on results, as well as strict adherence to ethics in the process of achieving success – all the values that Elmetia Group is proud of.

Elmetia Group is a distribution and service company, focused on emerging markets, bent to provide quality products and services to its customers. The basis of our business is a great experience, strong partners and individual approach to each client and product.

Development Elmetia Group

Since its inception in 2013, Elmetia Group is in constant growth and development. We have one focus: it is aimed at ensuring that that each our client will finally achieve the desired result.

Future with us

If you plan to distribute products, technology or services in developing countries but lack the contacts and network of partners, please contact us. We will find a personalized and efficient solution to support your market deployment.

Elmetia Group today

Today Elmetia Group provides the highest quality products and services to its customers. We represent and service products in the fields of Water technology, Tyre Recycling and Luxury products. Our ability to find an optimal approach to the needs of each client , the dedicated solutions and best practices lead to success and satisfaction – this is Elmetia Group today.

Elmetia Group – road to success

Constant development and continuous progress on the road to success drive us every day.

Elmetia Group – Your Way to Success.

Mission & Purpose

We think that all work must be done in order to achieve any goals that might have been set. However, apart from this fact, any activity must also have a certain sense, because it “sense” determines the way of development throughout entire period of its existence.

Our mission

The company’s mission Elmetia Group is simple: we work for the success of our customers. Each new level, each stage of the task, each contract and the successful completion of the project – this is something for which we work for every day and will work for in the future.

Our goals

Career growth and development is not possible without the commitment to your goals.

Company Elmetia Group determines such priority qualities such as:

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of work;
  • Achievement of best results;
  • Focus on the work on our clients;
  • Providing new and diverse services to our clients and partners.

Purposes and mission of our work are aimed at successful achieving of the result by client,

and if the client has achieved success, we are successful too.

Elmetia Group – partnership for success!


Any work should always be carried out to achieve a certain result.

Elmetia Group always had a goal to grow and develop together with our clients, in process of realization of all the tasks.

The philosophy of the company Elmetia Group is based on the fundamental concepts that help to achieve any goals that have been set.

Progressive development

Our company continuously improves and develops in order to ensure the best results for every client. Constant progress and accumulated experience help us to achieve new heights every time.

Professionalism in every employee

Only the most competent and highly skilled professionals work in Elmetia Group Company. We are very proud with that fact. Our specialists help to provide not only a pledge to achievement of any result, but also continuous improvement of the company.

Customer care

At the heart of corporate philosophy of Elmetia Group Company always lies one basic criterion – customer care. Individual approach to clients, high-quality services, flexible and rational solutions help to achieve the best result, regardless of complexity of the task.

The company’s philosophy Elmetia Group is simple and transparent – we work think and care about our customers!

Elmetia Group – success is born with us!


The right investment – is the key to success in business. Company Elmetia Group understands this fact and offers a unique opportunity to invest your own success and in your own future.

Robust business model, professional experts, professional services, best products, and also extensive experience and a broad customer base – all of these are qualities that determine our company “today”.

We offer our partners to invest in their future, which is getting closer today with Elmetia Group. Progressive approach, the most advanced solutions for the implementation of any tasks, big experience and a variety of completed projects are the key to your successful investment.


Many partners of Elmetia Group already have successfully invested in their future.

We will be happy to share with you the common success and new promising ideas.

Elmetia Group Company – your investment in the success of your “tomorrow”!


Our Values

Productivity and process of achieving of any results depend not only on hard work, but also on the values ​​on which the company is based.

Company Elmetia Group is proud with that fact, that at the heart of our work are placed really fundamental values ​​that help us grow and become better every day.

Our values

Values of Elmetia Group ​​company are simple and transparent, but at the same time they help us achieve success. Consequently, our clients get the best results, thanks to the reliable basis of the company.

  • Customer care, because without this it is impossible to reach a result.
  • Continuous development – it is the basis of progress and dynamic forward movement that helps to achieve new heights.
  • Aspiration for new goals – it defines the way of our development in the present and prospects of corporate growth in the future.

Following values ​​and adherence to their concepts determine the success of our work. We are happy and proud by that fact that the in foundation of each of our working days are placed such important values ​​that help us become better for you.

Elmetia Group Company – we work for your success!


Elmetia Group Company is a leader in providing commercial services and products for a variety of clients worldwide. We employ only the most qualified – competent professionals. Our office that is equipped with according to hi-end standards and productive work of specialists in a friendly team – it is our company today.

If you are:

  • Professional of the business, or professionals seeking for possibility of career development.
  • Looking for a job in dynamic and modern company.
  • Can offer essential skills and possess a variety of knowledge.
  • Want to be part of a friendly team and join the team of professionals.

And finally, if you think we have something to offer – please submit your CV to us and we will review it as soon as possible. Our company is pleased to provide development opportunities for all selected respondents.

Elmetia Group – your start a successful career!